Temple of Heaven



The Temple of Heaven in Southeastern Beijing, China, is comprised of several buildings of note, which are surrounded by a park that is popular with both tourists and locals alike. The most notable building in the Temple of Heaven complex is the Hall of Prayer for Good Harvest, which is one of Beijing’s most famous architectural landmarks. A UNESCO World heritage Site since 1998, the Temple of Heaven is a must-see in terms of architecture, design, and history.

The Temple of Heaven was built according to strict philosophical requirements as each construction is meant to represent the ideas of Heaven and Earth. The symbolism is echoed throughout the design of each individual building and its design as Earth is represented by a square, and Heaven by a circle. The entire complex is surrounded by two separate circular walls and lies on an axis directly in line with the Temple of Earth to the north, the Temple of the Sun to the east, and the Temple of the Moon to the west.

This card came from Moon from China. 🙂


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