Inukshuk, anyone?


This card came from the lovely Danielle from Canada. You should all go check out her blog now, she has quite an impressive postcard collection (of which I’m very jealous). 😀

The postcard pictures the Inukshuk at Vancouver’s English Bay. An Inukshuk is a stone figure built by the Inuit of Arctic Canada, Alaska and Greenland. Inukshuk were placed upon the landscape for different reasons. The Inuit used them as hunting and navigational aids, coordination points, markers and message centers. Some inukshuk-like figures also had spiritual meaning and were the object of veneration. That particular Inukshuk is famous for being the symbol of the 2010 Winter Olympic Games.


One thought on “Inukshuk, anyone?

  1. hehe i’m glad you like this card!! 😀 it’s one of my faves from the new scenery cards of Vancouver 😉
    and thanks for your kind compliments about my blog & postcard collection! 😳

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