Grand Central Terminal


Grand Central Terminal (often inaccurately referred to as Grand Central Station) is a beautiful Beaux-arts building in midtown Manhattan. First opened in 1913, Grand Central Terminal underwent a massive restoration to restore it to its former glory, and is now both a transportation hub, as well as a destination in itself for visitors to New York City.

Each day, about 750,000 commuters, tourists, shoppers and diners enter Grand Central, the world’s largest train terminal, with 63 tracks, 45 platforms and an expanse of 49 acres, from 42nd to 97th streets. Metro-North operates about 700 trains daily to and from areas north of New York City. The main concourse, with its two staircases modeled after those in the Paris Opera, covers 35,000 square feet. Its information booth fields more than 1,000 questions daily. There are 68 shops that line the grand hallways that empty into the concourse. In a far corner of the dining court, the lost-and-found takes in about 2,000 items a month — among them a prosthetic leg, a dog and a set of dentures.

It is so freaking pretty! This card came from Candy from Hong Kong. 🙂


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