Pembroke Castle



My first postcard from Wales comes from my pen pal Aaron. I’m helping him with his Bulgarian, so this is also my first card that is written in Bulgarian. 😀

Pembroke Castle, a massive Norman Stronghold located in southwest Wales, sits atop a high rocky ridge on a peninsula surrounded on three sides by the tidal River Cleddau. It consists of a large round keep, inner ward and an outer ward larger than most entire castles. It played a prominent role in the history of England, Wales and Ireland. It was built in 1093 by Roger de Montgomerie, the first Earl of Shrewsbury.

Today the castle is open to the public and visitors can walk and view the majestic scenery from the castle walls and towers. The castle is home to several festivals including medieval banquets, Shakespearean productions, military exhibitions, and living history exhibits.


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