Mexico City Metro


Another new addition to my subway map-card collection, this card comes from Maggie from Mexico. 🙂

The Mexico City Metro, officially called Sistema de Transporte Colectivo, often shortened to STC, is a metro system that serves the metropolitan area of Mexico City, including some municipalities in Mexico State. It is the second largest metro system in North America after the New York City Subway. In 2011 the system served 1.487 billion passengers, placing it as the ninth highest ridership in the world.

The first STC Metro line had 16 stations, and opened to the public on 4 September 1969. As of 2013, the system comprises twelve lines and 201.09 kilometres (124.95 mi) of passenger track. The STC Metro system has 195 stations, 24 of which serve two or more lines (correspondencias or transfer stations). It has 115 underground stations (the deepest of which are 35 metres (115 ft) below street level); 55 surface stations and 25 elevated stations. All lines operate from 5 am until midnight.

And while I’m on the subway topic, let me share today’s hit on facebook 😀 :



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