Vienna U-Bahn



This card I bought for myself when I was in Vienna a couple of years ago. My friend Michaela was joking that I’ve spent half my stay there in the U-bahn, so when we saw this card we thought it would be the perfect memory to take home. 😀

The Vienna U-Bahn is the rapid transit (metro) system for Vienna. The first section of the modern U-Bahn opened on 8 May 1976. Before the October 2013 opening of the 4.2 kilometres, 3 station extension of the U2 line, the five line U-Bahn network consisted of 74.6 kilometres of route, serving 101 stations. It is the backbone of one of the best performing public transport systems worldwide according to UITP (International Association of Public Transport) in June 2009. More than 1.3 million passengers rode the Vienna U-Bahn every day in 2009, and 534.4 million passengers utilized the U-Bahn in 2010. The network is undergoing expansion.


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