Lou Lim Iok Garden



My first card from Macao comes from Kuan. 🙂

Lou Lim Iok Garden is located in central Macau Peninsula, with an area of 1.78 hectares (about 4.4 acres). It is the only Suzhou style garden in Macau. It boasts elegant and peaceful scenes just south of the Yangtze River. This area is known as Jiangnan in Chinese. The garden enlisted in the top eight scenes of Macau in 1992.

Construction of Lou Lim Iok Garden by a wealthy merchant began in 1904 and continued until 1925. It was once the largest private garden in Macau as well as one of the top three beautiful gardens of Macau. This gave it the widespread popularity. After the merchant’s fortunes dwindled, parts of the garden were gradually sold off. In early 1970s, the government of Macau obtained and restored the garden. In 1974, it was opened to the public.