Sunset at Borobudur, vol. 2


Or is it sunrise? Anyway… This absolutely gorgeous cards, one of my all time favorites, comes from Maya. šŸ™‚ That’s my second view card from Borobodur – it looks like a really magical place and I hope that one day I’ll have the chance to see it in person. šŸ™‚




Here comes another card from Pitcha and her smiley faces with braces. šŸ˜€ I’m too lazy to google something interesting and educational about monks, so I’m just gonna copy an interesting article about their daily life. (source:

4.00 am – The monks wake up and meditate for one hour, followed by one hour of chanting.

6.00 am – The monks walk barefoot around the neighbourhood while the local people make merit by offering them food.

8.00 am – Returning to the temple, the monks sit together to eat breakfast, then make a blessing for world peace.

Before 12.00 noon – Some monks choose to eat a light lunch at this time. This is the last solid food they are allowed to consume until sunrise the following morning.

1.00 pm – Classes in Buddhist teaching begin. Some monks may attend school outside the temple.

6.00 pm – A two-hour session of meditation and prayer begins.

8.00 pm – The monks retire to do homework.

Sunset at Borobudur



Borobudur is a Buddhist stupa and temple complex in Central Java, Indonesia dating from the 8th century, and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This is one of world’s truly great ancient monuments, the single largest Buddhist structure anywhere on earth.

There is no definite written record of who built Borobudur or why it was built. It was likely founded as a religious site in the 8th century at the peak of the Sailendra dynasty in central Java. The construction is thought to have taken a period of 75 years, and completed in about 825 A.D.

This card came from Erin from Singapore who was travelling in Indonesia. šŸ™‚